Yokosuka Environmental Technology Center

Supporting the century of environment with the steady technologies

Yokosuka Environmental Technology Center

In the age of requirements of corporate activities with an awareness of the global environment, Yokosuka Environmental Technology Center conducts prompt, accurate measurement, analysis and technical assessment with accumulated excellent analysis skills and enhanced analyzing facilities, responding to your requests for environmental arrangements. Not only environmental measures, but also improvement of the workplace and living circumstances, are addressed. The unique technical know-how promotes industrial development and a sound life.

Yokosuka Environmental Technology Center
5-2931, Urago-cho, Yokosuka-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture 237-0062, Japan
TEL: +81-46-865-6661
FAX: +81-46-865-1998

Business registration

  • Measurement certification business of concentration, sound pressure level and vibration acceleration level
  • Registration of Working Environment Measurement Agency
  • Registration of Building Drinking Water Quality Inspection